New Website and New Update Schedule

I have a good news. I just created my very own website. You can find it by clicking on this LINK, or by going to 

There I will be uploading every Sunday morning at Midnight. So Saturday night. Comicfury with continue to update, but on Monday morning at midnight, which is Sunday night.

I have moved my VDSD submission to my main website. So if you want to check it out you can go to the sketch book section and the first comic is it. Just remember that it's adult in nature so no minors, please.

posted by Hiro Odan @ 5th Apr 2016, 6:32 PM

Hiatus and New Artist

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I got a new artist that will be helping me create Bridge University. The bad news is that she won't be available for a while so I'm putting Bridge University on Hiatus until she is ready. This will give me some time to hash out the story long before it gets put to ink. I'm very excited about the future of Bridge University.  Please keep checking back for updates.


Thanks for reading, this is Hiro Odan signing out.

posted by Hiro Odan @ 5th Mar 2016, 7:04 PM

Vote Incentive!

I've just uploaded a vote incentive. It's NSFW so keep that in mind before you vote.  You can vote by clicking HERE.

posted by Hiro Odan @ 20th Feb 2016, 5:16 PM


I had a lousy night sleep. Plus I had to walk errands. Bridge University will be delayed to end of Sunday night.

posted by Hiro Odan @ 30th Jan 2016, 10:25 AM

Not Dead

I'm not dead. Just went through a health change. Bridge University will update this upcoming Sunday.

posted by Hiro Odan @ 28th Jan 2016, 7:17 PM